All the world's problems can be solved in a garden.


Permaculture is a holistic approach to sustainable living inspired by natural ecosystems. Originally ‘permanent agriculture’, it draws on both ancestral techniques and contemporary discoveries to grow food in a resilient manner, using less time and energy and only natural resources, such as compost and manure.

Permaculture gardens recreate interconnections between soil, plants, trees, and other organisms, thus enabling them to form a self-sustaining ecosystem that requires minimal human intervention. They are typically ‘no-dig’ or require only superficial tilling (such as with oxen), and they are so productive that they are considered the key to food security in the future.

More than a system, permaculture is a philosophy of life that emphasises the inter-dependence of all living beings and a deep care for nature. Thus, it extends to areas such as eco-housing, community-building and alternative energy.

The Community Garden can provide an opportunity to connect with nature and build community, while other activities such as yoga, mantra meditation and permaculture workshops can also take place in the outdoor environment.

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