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Govindas, 18 Merrion Row, Dublin 2

STARTERS Description

Homemade soup of the Day A traditional home style soup, using seasonal vegetables in broth or creamed, served with homemade bread baked fresh daily  3.95
MAIN COURSES Description

Govinda's Special Subji, or vegetables tastefully prepared in everyway imaginable and served with the king of rice, basmati, along with salad (optional). The Govindas Special may also include a generous serving of Panir - delicious homemade cheese curd chunks in a tomato sauce. Panir is unique to Govindas - our speciality!

10.45 large

6.95 regular

Dish of the Day plus Either Tagliatelle in cream sauce, Moussaka, Veg 'au' Gratin, Shepards Pie, Lasagne or Gauranga Potatoes (golden potato bake) served with salad, subji and / or rice (as you like) 10.45
Take Out Tray Govinda's special  6.95
Paneer Take Out Tray Tasty Paneer subji in homemade tomato sauce  7.95


Home Made Bread Baked fresh every day  1.05
Salad Rolls

Homemade bread rolls with a salad filling of your choice

Samosa with Savoury Dip Two Handmade triangular deep-fried pasties with aromatically spiced potato and pea filling (vegan)  4.50
Salad Plate A healthy mixture of eight different salads

 4.95 large

 3.35 small

Take Out Salad A healthy take-away mix  4.00

DESSERTS Description

Cake of the Day

Either Vanilla Sponge, Carrot Cake, Pineapple  Upsidedown cake                                            


Apple pie and fresh cream

Apple filling laced with cinnamon between



Lemon-flavoured sweet cream cheese on a biscuit crumb base 


Sweet of the Day

Either Laddhu, Gulabjamum, Bounty Balls, Millionaire's Shortbread to name but a few 



DRINKS Description

Milkshakes Ask for today's selection of our homemade milkshakes   3.95
Yoghurt Smoothies (Lassi) Ask for today's flavour of our homemade Lassi  3.00
Pure Fruit Juices Pineapple, Red Grape, Orange or Cranberry etc  2.00
Ballygowan Mineral Water Still or sparkling  1.95
Kombucha Ancient drink made with a health-giving culture  2.95
Fentimans Luxury botanically brewed beverage range  2.95
7-Up Diet or regular  1.50
Ginger beer Soft drink made with the best of herbs: ginger  1.50


TEAS Description

Selection of Teas Regular, Peppermint, Fennel, Rosehip, Mixed Fruit, Camomile, Yogi Tea and green tea


Shipibo Amazon Tea Straight from the Amazon, the herbs included in this tea are grown from virgin soil. This tea hydrates, purifies and nourishes. It is considered by the indigenous people of the Amazon Rain Forests to be one of the most beneficial health drinks known to man.  1.75


COFFEES Description

Selection of Coffees Filtered  1.70
Espresso  1.95
Cappuccino  2.10
Cafe au Lait  2.10
Barley Cup  1.60